Middle Peninsula Paranormal Investigators

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Forming this group

I formed this group for so many reasons, but the first is the client. The client comes first no matter what, I do understand that family issues and various other things can make Paranormal Activity stronger, but that is why I keep our group professional at all times. Clients take a huge step in calling us to their homes, they have to dig deep inside to call a group to their home to get help about something they may not even understand and accept. You as an investigator have to have a soft approach and a knowledgable approach in order to get the client to feel better about what is going on in their home.



I take pride in doing a thorough investigation for our clients and our historical locations. We do research about the home as far back as we can go. We question the client about  home life and the children if they are affected. We ask about family ancestory and recent happenings in the family that may also lead to a stronger Paranormal presence. All of the things affect any location as well as the evidence we obtain during and investigation.



When we are in the home, it is  very important to me that the client understands we are there for them for the duration, no matter how many investigations it takes, our end goal is the same, to help the client. We want the client to to feel better about what is going on in their home, to make them comfortable to claim their home as theirs again. When we investigate a historical location to me it is all about awareness and restoration and preservation of the site.


I want to thank you for coming OUR page and taking the time to read about us and if you are in need of our group please do not hesitate to ask  call or text me at  757-696-5068 or at [email protected] we are here for you anytime and all the time!